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Summer Fellowship Program

Malden Rising Leaders Summer Fellowship Program

The Malden Rising Leaders Inc. (MRL) Summer Fellowship Program is designated to attract high school students to be the next generation of civic leaders interested in working in the field of education, and public service.

During this highly-selective, eight-week program, summer fellows will work as a team generating and implementing meaningful, and thoughtful new policies to benefit MRL, and the City of Malden.  This summer fellowship program is for the creative, curious, and entrepreneurial passionate student. The fellows will be tackling some of the toughest challenges in their community.  They will receive help in strengthening their vision of making Malden a better place, more connected, and a little more just.  In addition, the fellows will participate in a variety of professional development sessions: “Financial Literacy; College Preparatory; Race Inclusion Diversity and Equity; Career Workshop” in order to get a broad view of careers in city, and state government. 

This summer, the project will be on lowering the voting age to 16 years old to allow high school students to take part of the democratic process. With all of the national headlines, from the fate of DACA, the tragic shooting at Parkland, to the devastating senseless killings in inner cities like Baltimore, Boston, Chicago, Detroit, to the raging opioid epidemic ravaging to many communities across the country, our young leaders have been affected deeply.  They have been speaking out, walking in solidarity, and organizing to bring positive change in their communities. If we have teens that have an interest in making Malden a healthy, thriving, innovative 21st-century City this could be the perfect for them to live work and play.

I want to thank the MRL Board of Directors for their work in developing these components for our young leaders.  Below, you will see in more details what each of the components do.



Ted D. Louis-Jacques

President and Chairman

Malden Rising Leaders, Inc.

The Inaugural Malden Rising Leaders Inc. Summer Fellowship Program

The 2018 cohort of Malden Rising Leaders Inc. Fellows met for the first time this past July to get to know one another and to prepare for their journey as Fellows.

THE FIRST FELLOWS GATHERING at Capital One Café in Assembly Square, Somerville, MA

The Summer Fellows met with leaders from the Capital One Team!

The Fellows are deeply embedded in their community, working together to build not just immediate solutions but long-term change in the City of Malden.

Visit with Director of Recreation Department Joe Levine

They were civic innovators. They didn’t just tackle a problem they wanted to solve, they helped build a community—of people involved and impacted by an issue—to help overcome a systemic challenge.

What is Identity? How do you define yourself in 2018?

Meeting with City Councillor-at-Large Steve Winslow, They had already demonstrated direct and meaningful impact in their community and gained recognition among their peers for their contributions. But they could take their approaches even further with the right attention, support and network.

Diversity Equity Inclusion workshop with Mekka Smith made it that Finding your true self and knowing your worth was important part of your identity

Career Development workshop with Heather Bacchiocchi from American Student Assistance!

Getting a tour of Boston Public Library in Copley Square, Boston, MA

Malden Rising Leaders Inc. Vice President Kristy R. Magras addressing the Summer Fellows.

Meeting with State Representative Steve Ultrino, the Summer Fellows were authentic, ethical, inclusive, collaborative—people motivated by the powerful desire to help others.

Visiting the Massachusetts State House aka Beacon Hill!

Debating guns in America? Which side are you on?

College Prep Workshop with James from American Student Assistance!

The Summer Fellows at the Boston Public Library!

The Summer Fellows getting a tour of Malden Public Library Historical Building from Director Dora St. Martin

The Summer Fellows explaining to Community Organizer Erga why the voting age should be lowered to 16 years old.

The Summer Fellows registering to vote with the Malden’s City Clerk’s Office.

Rehearsal time before the big day!

Tailored For Success Executive Director welcoming the Summer Fellows to the shop!

The fellas trying on new suits!

Measuring up

The Summer Fellows visited with Liz Hart from Tailored for Success to get outfitted for their big day!

Presentation Ready!

MRL Board of Directors Mekka Smith, and Ted Louis-Jacques post with the fellows!

Team Huddle before the big presentation!

Summer Fellow Wisly Pericles addressing the elected officials in the room about why their voices matter and they deserve to vote.

Summer Fellow Sean Lightbody explaining how voting becomes a habit the younger you vote.

Summer Fellow Jimmy Li showing data about how 16 and 17 years old increase voter turnout in other cities.

Malden Rising Leaders Inc. Board of Directors, the Summer Fellows meeting with the Mayor Gary Christenson!

Meeting with the Mayor about their summer project on lowering the voting age to 16!

They had distinct voices, just waiting to ring out.  And finally, they were good humans.

Last selfie to end the summer fellowship program!